Laundries were once considered a dysfunctional room that you would generally close the door on, to hide the disorganised mess.

Nowadays, people have realised the potential for additional storage and functionality of what today’s ‘Smart’ laundry can offer.

Utilising durable moisture resistant materials such as laminate or sealed man-made stones, along with customised cabinetry designed by a trained designer to make the best use of space, are all very important aspects in laundry design due to the limited sized rooms commonly available in the average sized suburban home.

Some of the popular design suggestions to help overcome small areas include downsizing appliances, for example, combination washing machine / dryers and extending cabinetry to the ceiling to increase storage. Laundry sinks are also available in reduced sizes as most cleaning detergents now have stain removing additives which have reduced the need to soak your clothing before washing.

Accessories will make using your new laundry much easier, with products like pull-out laundry baskets, hidden ironing boards and individual sections for brooms, vacuum cleaners and buckets. Your personally designed laundry will not only be a tidy room that you can show off, it will also be a functional space for you to get your jobs done quickly and efficiently.